Africa: Former Ambassadors Urge Trump to Respect Africa

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Maputo — Two former United States ambassadors to Mozambique, Melissa Wells (who served in Maputo from 1987 to 1990) and Dennis Jett (1990 to 1993), are among dozens of former ambassadors who have signed an open letter to President Donald Trump urging him to change his attitude towards Africa.

The 78 signatories represented the United States in 48 countries, and also include two former Assistant Secretaries of State for African Affairs, Herman Cohen and Johnny Carson.

The letter is clearly a response to Trump’s dismissal of the entire African continent as “shithole countries”.

Trump made this vulgar and derogatory remark at a meeting on immigration in the White House a week ago. Senators at the meeting were discussing immigration rules affecting people from Haiti, El Salvador and Africa, when Trump exclaimed “Why are we having all these people from shithole counties come here?”

The former ambassadors said they were writing to Trump “to express our deep concern regarding reports of your recent remarks about African countries and to attest to the importance of our partnerships with most of the fifty-four African nations”.

Source: allafrica