Alabama snow and what you need to know

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It sure does look like it’s going to snow somewhere in Alabama on Tuesday.

The state was virtually covered in winter weather advisories, the governor has declared a state of emergency and many schools were announcing closings ahead of what could be a significant winter weather event.

But maybe not for the reasons you’d expect.

Here are a few questions or things to know if you’re going to have to face the snow.

1. So is it REALLY going to snow?

The National Weather Service seems to think at least someone in Alabama will get snow on Tuesday.

All of the state except for the southeast corner is under a winter weather advisory.

A strong cold front is expected to move through Alabama tomorrow, and light snow is anticipated fill in behind it in the much colder air that follows.

It will be cold enough for snow to fall in north and central parts of the state, and a wintry mix to light snow will be possible all the way to near the Gulf Coast.

In fact, the weather service in Mobile said up to 1 inch is not out of the question in isolated spots in south Alabama.

Less than an inch to maybe 2 inches will be possible in north and central Alabama..

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