Children draw their future job ambitions

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Young people in developing countries often have more aspirational career ambitions than boys in the UK, an international survey suggests.

While boys in the UK aimed to be footballers or YouTube stars, their counterparts in Uganda and Zambia wanted to be doctors or teachers.

The findings are from a survey of 20,000 children by the Education and Employers careers charity.

The results are to be presented to business leaders at Davos next week.

The study asked primary school children in 20 countries to draw pictures of the jobs they wanted to have when they grew up.

Gender roles

The careers charity said the results showed how much gender stereotypes were established from an early age.

In the UK, girls were much less likely to want to become engineers or scientists.

But jobs such as nurse, dancer and hairdresser were among their top 10 ambitions.

And boys were more likely to want to have jobs such as airline pilot and mechanic.

Girls’ top choices were more focused on academic success – with jobs such as teacher, vet and doctor among the most popular.

By contrast, boys seemed to be much more influenced by popular culture, with jobs such as sportsman, working in social media or the police.

Source: bbc