Fireball streaks across northern Alberta

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Motorists not only in the Fort but across most of northern Alberta spotted a flash of bright light in the sky around 5:22 p.m. Soon afterwards, videos of the event started to pop up online. One of those was the Fort’s own Corbet Kratko.

He was heading home from work when he spotted the fireball. Thankfully, he had his dash cam running.

“I thought it was pretty cool,” he said. “I was thinking to myself ‘I wish I had a camera on me’. I saw it and phoned my wife and said ‘I just saw a meteor. It’s pretty neat. I wish I had a picture for you’ and just as I’m saying that to her I thought ‘wait a minute, my dash cam’.”

Kratko said he’s seen a few meteorites in his lifetime or at least partially including the one that flew over Alberta back in 2008 and light up the night sky. He said he was outside at the time and caught how bright the fireball was.

Frank Florian, director, planetarium and space sciences with the TEL US World of Science in Edmonton, said the meteorite that came down was brighter than Venus when it came through the planet’s atmosphere. Despite what some might believe, Florian confirmed what people were seeing was a meteorite and not a UFO.

Source: fortsaskatchewanrecord