Hot or not? Bikram no more beneficial than any other yoga, says vascular study

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While the popularity of practising yoga in sweltering rooms is booming around the world, researchers say benefits to blood vessels are the same whether the moves are performed in the heat or not.

Bikram yoga was founded by controversial instructor Bikram Choudhury and involves 26 poses and two breathing exercises, performed in a room heated to just over.

Having first taken off in the 1970s, Bikram yoga classes are now widespread, with some research suggesting they could offer health benefits including improving the function of the inner lining of blood vessels – problems with which are linked to increased risk of fatty plaques building up inside arteries.

“The postures and the breathing exercises are enough in the absence of the heated environment to elicit some beneficial adaptations that could reduce the risk of heart disease,” said Dr Stacey Hunter, co-author of the research from Texas State University and research director for yoga-promoting organisation Pure Action Inc, which funded the study.

Source: theguardian