New universities minister backs tuition fee review

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The new universities minister has said that a review of tuition fees will be a “positive move” for the Government.

Sam Gyimah signalled his willingness to revive Prime Minister Theresa May’s plans for wide reaching reforms of funding for higher education.

Speaking on Thursday evening at Queen Mary University London. He said: “It is right to look carefully at how the current system is working”. He said: “How to make sure that it works best for students.”

He declined to elaborate on details of the review, such as the terms of reference, but added: “I think that [the review] is a positive move for us.”

“I mean it’s a small cost but it just shows there are lots of things around student funding fees, living costs. I think it is good for us to look at them,” he said.

“The point I was trying to illustrate is the case for reviewing. When you talk to students directly here are a lot of issues in play, not just fees”.

Source: telegraph