Quit cursing: 10 tips for easy tech device set up

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It happens every Christmas. You get the shiny new gadget of your dreams — and now you have to set it up. Or worse, spend your holiday setting up everyone else’s gadgets.

According to a recent survey by device insurance provider Asurion, nearly a third of people don’t use their tech gifts because they don’t know how to, and some 70% of adults in America will spend time setting up or troubleshooting tech based gifts this holiday.

Bah humbug. Who has time for that? I open and set-up more than a thousand new gadgets a year. Here are some of my top insider tricks and tips to have you up and running faster than you can say, “more eggnog please!”

In home tech set-up

Get the hassle out of the way and get HelloTech to send a tech expert to come to your house. They’ll set everything up for you and teach you how to use it.

According to HelloTech’s director of logistics, Jeremy Blake, the top requests this time of year are for setting up and mounting a new smart TV, installing smart home tech, and setting up Wi-Fi mesh routers. But, they’re happy to help teach your mom how to use her new iPad or Kindle too. The company also offers subscription plans to get online, phone, or in-person on-demand help all year too.

No really, I mean this. Go on to your Nextdoor app (the social media for your neighborhood) and post that you’re looking for help setting up your Nest thermostat. Or, can someone please help teach the grandparents how their Roku works?

When I’ve done similar posts, I often say up front that I’m looking for a teen tech genius who can speak non-geek, and doesn’t get frustrated easily. And I always get great help! This is a great go-to for cheap, fast, and really friendly tech help. You can also use Facebook Groups or parents networks for this, and many schools now even have programs pairing teens and seniors for tech support as well.

Quick start guide

Just about every new gadget comes with a simple quick-start guide that’s easy to follow. Most of the time, these guides tell you to plug in and charge your new gadget, then connect it to Wi-Fi, and link it to an existing email account. When you connect your email account, be sure to create a smart password and/or use a password manager. Overall, getting starting is now usually pretty simple stuff, and you just need to follow directions like you would a recipe for cooking.


Source : usatoday