The Brexit Bill: (almost) nothing has changed (yet)

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Well that was 85 hours of detailed parliamentary scrutiny/your life that you won’t get back* (delete as appropriate).

The European Union (Withdrawal) Bill has now completed its journey through the House of Commons. More than 500 amendments were tabled and, according to Government Chief Whip Julian Smith, there were 58 divisions, only one of which (on Parliament having a “meaningful vote”) was lost by the government.

Along the way, various attempts to amend the bill to the liking of the Welsh and Scottish governments failed. The Welsh first minister’s warning of “an assault on devolution” and a “power grab” could not prevent Theresa May winning Tuesday’s vote on the issue by a majority of 24, helped by three Eurosceptic Labour MPs who voted with the Conservative government.

Labour’s ambiguity on Britain’s future relationship with the EU has survived the Bill’s parliamentary journey so far. Jeremy Corbyn’s view that “the single market is dependent on membership of the European Union” is not shared by all his MPs.Almost 50 Labour MPs ignored instructions to abstain on a cross-party vote on single market membership – among them Welsh backbenchers Chris Bryant, Ann Clwyd, Geraint Davies, Stephen Doughty, Susan Elan Jones, Madeleine Moon, Albert Owen and Jo Stevens.

Source: bbc