Do Trump’s ‘business conflicts’ still matter?

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At the beginning of Donald Trump’s presidency, there was concern over his potential conflicts of interest as president and business owner. So what’s happened since?

At the stroke of noon on 20 January 2017, Donald Trump had a new job, president of the United States.

But his old one wasn’t far away. As he made his way down Pennsylvania Avenue to the White House, his motorcade passed by a hotel, its front entrance emblazoned in tall gold letters: TRUMP.

Twelve months later, his name still headlines a business empire. It’s international, complex and most of all, private. Trump’s business is in, among other places, India, Panama, Indonesia, Chicago, New Jersey and Florida.

Shortly before he became president, Mr Trump stepped down from running the company. He transferred the business into a revocable trust, one he can receive money from at his request.

But in all other respects, the president has kept very close to his business.

And no place is a greater reminder of the link between Trump the president and Trump the business than the eight-storey, castle-like building five blocks from the White House – The Trump International Hotel.

Source: bbc